Simon Xie
2 min readMay 8, 2021


CS 371p Final Entry

How well do you think the course conveyed those takeaways?

I think this course conveyed the takeaways very well.

Were there any other particular takeaways for you?

I can’t think of anything at this moment. But those are already really good.

How did you feel about cold calling?

Cold calling could be stressful, but overall I am good with it. It’s a way to keep students pay attention to the lectures.

How did you feel about office hours?

I went to office hours once and Professor Downing answered my questions very patiently.

How did you feel about lab sessions?

The lab sessions were helpful as the TAs knew how to deal with the questions we have in most cases.

What required tool did you not know and now find very useful?

Docker and Google Test. After this course, I realized there are many things I can do with them.

You should have read five papers that describe SOLID design: Single responsibility, Open-closed principle, Liskov substitution, Interface segregation, Dependency inversion. What insights have they given you?

I need to learn more about design patterns to be successful in my career.

You should have read two papers that advised minimizing getters and setters. What insights have they given you?

They provide many very useful points, and I will try to stick to them in software development.

Give me your suggestions for improving the course.

I think the lectures can involve more content about design patterns, this is something undergraduates should learn more about.